Activities & Deliverables

Photo: Remiks Miljøpark AS

WANO organizes various activities to reach the project objectives

Desk studies & Literature reviews

 In-depth desk studies focus on relevant policies, strategies, reports, legislation and official documents to identify key factors influencing operations of local waste management actors and their ability (enablers and obstacles) and possibilities to engage in cross-border cooperation in the Barents Region

Semi-structured interviews

Semi-structured interviews will be carried out with regional waste management companies, business partners and local society focus groups 


Stakeholder workshops with representatives of non-research project partners, local, regional and national authorities, and relevant NGOs will be organized

Deliverables & results

Desk studies / Literature studies



Policy Briefs

Oulo workshop 2023

The Oulu region in north Finland is internationally known as an ICT and technology development powerhouse, but also as a know-how centre of waste management. In March 2023, WANO organized a cross-border workshop between the waste management actors in north Norway and north Finland. The objective was to share experiences in waste management and to explore the possibilities to cross-border waste management cooperation.  The WANO workshop was attended by the WANO partners Remiks, HRS, and NORCE, and the Oulu-based waste management actors Hauru, Wastebook, Macon, and the PrintoCent cluster. Read more: WANO Policy Brief page 10.

New WANO Policy Brief on cross-border business and innovation cooperation

Lessons learned about most important steps to promote innovation and cooperation in North Norwegian waste management.

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Photo: Unsplash 2023