About WANO

Photo: Remiks Miljøpark AS


WANO (2021 – 2024) studies cross-border and innovation opportunities in the waste management sector in the High North. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.


Waste management in the northern latitudes is often more challenging than in the more central regions. Under the Arctic climate conditions with large distances between settlements and to the recycling facilities, and relatively smaller markets and volume of produced waste, there are special needs for developing new innovative solutions for waste management.


The main objective of WANO is to examine conditions for creating cross-border business opportunities in the High North through the study of waste management systems.

WANO develops an analytical framework to study cross-border business and innovation cooperation in the field of waste management (municipal and industrial waste) in the neighbouring cross-border regions of Troms & Finnmark and Nordland (Norway), North Ostrobothnia (Finland) and Norrbotten (Sweden). Collected data will be compared and set into relation with Nordic benchmarking, including the cases from Finland and Sweden.

Scientific partners and collaborators 2023/2024

To study waste management systems, WANO establishes sustainable business-to-business and business-to-research networks, both nationally and internationally

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