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High North Waste Management

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WANO focuses on the economic and social development of Arctic waste management and cross-border cooperation including specific geopolitical characteristics and sustainability issues in the High North. WANO identifies key actors, technologies, innovation trends and cross-border cooperation possibilities in the Arctic waste sector.

News and updates

Upcoming WANO Seminar in 2024

WANO together with Remiks organises an international seminar on innovation and place marketing related to Arctic Waste Management in Tromsø late October 2024. The seminar Agenda and the date will be released here soon.

Arctic waste management raises international interest

Jukka Teräs from the WANO project led by NORCE contributed to a panel discussion on solid waste management in Arctic cities on April 26, 2024. The webinar was organized by the Arctic initiative of the Havard Kennedy School and Arctic Mayors' Forum on innovative waste management solutions in the Arctic

WANO Policy Brief on cross-border business and innovation cooperation

Our lessons learned about most important steps to promote innovation and cooperation in North Norwegian waste management.
What are future demands for additional expertise among waste management actors?

WANO project 2023/2024 in brief

Have a look at the WANO project 2023/2024 about waste management in the High North.